11 ottobre 2016

Recent work

· Held a professional workshop on the political and legal implications of the Digital Single Market at the College of Europe in Bruges

· Helped the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) draft easily accessible replies (in Italian and English) to fifteen frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Italian copyright law, acting as national expert

· Advised a global leader in the market for electronic device and printer manufacturing on the consequences of the creation of an ancillary right for publishers in Europe

· Prepared and presented two comprehensive studies on the past, present and future of copyright in Europe to the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS), with colleagues from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels

· Offered a course on the laws and policies of the EU in the domain of information technology and media law to officers of the Azerbaijani government at ADA University in Baku, in cooperation with the College of Europe

· Helped a European association of technology and Internet companies respond to a public consultation held by the European Commission on copyright’s modernization

· Advised an association of Italian jazz musicians on several issues concerning copyright and related rights with regard to live performances, radio and TV broadcasts and online uses of their works

· Provided customised advice to several composers and music performers wishing to entrust all (or a part of) their rights to Italian collective rights managers such as Soundreef, Nuovo IMAIE e Itsright

· Advised an Italian acting company in a dispute with an American Pulitzer prize winner novelist on the theatrical adaptation of one of his best selling works