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Contracts and licenses for authors, performers and content producers; rights clearance and acquisitions; choice of the best collecting societies (e.g. PRS, IMRO, SGAE, SIAE, KODA, PPL); online copyright enforcement (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc); litigation strategy in Italy and before EU courts

Trademarks and patents

Registration and procedures in Europe (EUIPO and EPO) and Italy; acquisition and enforcement of rights in domain names

Information technology

Privacy policy for all sorts of web-based services; open source licences; standardization of contracts for e-commerce

EU affairs and public policy

Position papers, contribution to public consultations; relations with policy- and law makers at EU and national level (European Commission, Parliament, Italian government, etc)


Legal analysis of business plans; access to public and private funds; choice of the most favorable jurisdiction

Courses, conferences, seminars

Training for officers of public institutions and managers of private entities in the domains of EU law, intellectual property, information technology law, media policy, antitrust and data protection law; seminars and lectures at universities, research centres and think tanks


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‘Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market’,
Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels (2013)
Available here

‘EU Digital Copyright Law and the End-User’,
Springer, Berlin (2008)
Available here

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‘Il diritto d’autore in tempi di pandemia’
Il Sole 24 Ore, 14 giugno 2020

‘Moral Rights in Italy: “Ieri, Oggi e Domani” A Fabrizio Leonelli, in Memoriam’, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, Vol. 14(4), pp. 285-293 (2019)

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‘The Role of Market-Driven and Legislative Solutions to Online Music Licensing’
21st EIPIN Innovation Society Congress, MaastrichtUniversity, 23 January 2020

‘Attribution, Authenticity and Integrity of Artworks in the Online Platform Economy’, Le droit moral dans les arts d’édition (conference),
Rodin Museum, Paris, 18 October 2019

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‘Modernising Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market’,
Trinity College Dublin – 12 February 2016
Available here

‘Diritti d’autore su internet’, – 22 April 2014
Available here

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